June 2012

Brave myths debunked, part 2

The media hype around this movie is absolutely ridiculous.

Princess Merida probably isn’t gay… but that’s not the point.

Who knows if she is or isn’t? She didn’t come out or anything, if that’s what you are thinking. I didn’t get that feeling from her since she kept saying she just wasn’t ready for marriage, and she did practically ogle one of the tribe’s warriors (you’ve probably seen that on a commercial). But that’s not even the point here. The point is that our society just can’t handle having a female character be free and not get married by the end of the movie, so if there’s no romance involved, she must just be gay!

I can’t even begin to express my rage with this—not just with the obsession with a girl’s sexuality (please!) but also with the expectation that because of her gender, she must get married before the credits roll (hello, did Woody or the small mailman from Up or Nemo or dozens of other Pixar characters get married?) and if she doesn’t, she is therefore a lesbian. Come on, people. Would it be awesome to have cartoons about gay and lesbian characters? Absolutely! Is it cool to make sweeping generalizations about a girl’s sexuality just because she doesn’t want to get married? NO. So get over it.

Brave myths debunked, part 1

The media hype around Pixar's movie is absolutely ridiculous.

I am absolutely, madly, totally in love with Pixar and Disney’s Brave. I wish I owned it already and cannot wait to have it in my hand to play over and over again—both with my daughter and without! Some people, however, have less than stellar reviews for the movie, particularly for a Pixar film.

Roger Ebert noted that it wasn’t that groundbreaking (whatever), but other people are even more miffed. Some men are claiming that the male characters are mere caricatures, while many are saying it’s too violent or sexual. Some are even saying that Princess Merida is gay just because she didn’t want to get married (yet; she keeps saying she’s “not ready”); the Brave Wikipedia page was even edited to reflect this view on opening day, though it was also quickly edited.

Take it from a movie-loving mom; here are these myths debunked. (Spoilers are included.)