September 2011

Steve Buscemi on Engine 55, 9/12/01

While showboating acts of charity are all too common in Hollywood, it's the quiet, modest acts of kindness that make me respect actors the most. I'm lukewarm on Brangelina's gaggle of adoptees: I'm sure the kids have a much better life than most, but I can't help but think they're living trophies for overexcited do-gooders. Better a celebrity collectible than starving or dead, I suppose, but still. Then, of course, you get the U2 school of Christian charity where you convince yourself that you're God's gift to humankind and all of your sweeping (and expensive) gestures are somehow bettering the world by vast degrees. It's okay to spend thousands and thousands on concert lights as long as some small portion of your income goes to humanitarian aid somewhere in the world, right? 

But then you get dudes like Steve Buscemi, who's famous mostly now for being odd-looking. His eyes have been the subject of many a photoshopped mockery (see Chicks With Steve Buscemeyes for some nightmare fodder) and his offbeat demeanor has landed him many a role in strange films. There's no one else quite like the guy in terms of his particular acting skill set, and it turns out he's a mighty fine human being as well.