July 2011

Bane's Costume Revealed

Photos from Dark Knight Rises surface


Those of you who are counting down the days until Nolan's third installation in his Batman series will be pleased to know that on-set photos and videos have popped up on the internet. We caught a glimpse of Tom Hardy as Bane a while back when his image was virally shared all over Twitter. Now, coverage of shooting on the Pittsburgh set shows off the character's full costume.

It's a little less leathery than I expected. Granted, who's to say the man can have only one coat? Maybe he needed a rugged brown sheepskin thing for this particular scene. I don't know. It's cut a little awkwardly and has a strange half-hood going on. Also he looks awfully warm in his full winter getup under that sun. At least the mask looks good. But are those navy blue cargo pants? They do not exactly go with the apocalyptic leather he's rocking on the top half. Oh well. You can color-correct anything these days. I'm sure Nolan knows what he's doing and it'll look fine. I still can't help but see Hardy-Bane as a mutated lumberjack, though. 

There are also some snaps of Marion Cotillard and Gary Oldman over at IGN. Enjoy!

First Look at The Hobbit's Dwarves

One of the awesome things about J. R. R. Tolkien as an author is how he managed to disobey pretty much every principle of Writing 101 and still come away with some of the most widely loved books ever written in the English language. The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings don't follow the rules for "good writing" in the least; they're paced all wrong, way too slow, with too much description and too many characters. They are heavy, heavy books, chock-full of detail and excess that would make any writer trained for efficiency cringe. 

Doug Jones in Pan's Labyrinth

Did you know that Doug Jones, the American actor who played the Fawn and the Pale Man in Pan's Labyrinth, didn't speak a word of Spanish at the time of filming? And that he couldn't hear through his costume, so he had to memorize Ivana Baquero's lines as well as his own in order to get the timing right? Not only did he have to act through heavy costumes, he had to act through a language barrier, too. And he did so splendidly, bringing both characters to startling life just by moving through the gorgeous (and terrifying) costumes. Kudos to del Toro for opting out of CGI on this one, and mad kudos to Jones for being a pro at these magnificent characters despite their difficulties. Here's a behind-the-scenes shot of Jones getting into his Fawn getup.