April 2011

New Roles Confirmed for The Dark Night Rises

Marion Cotillard and Joseph Gordon-Levitt join third Batman cast

A new press release from Warner Bros has confirmed that both Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard will appear in Christopher Nolan's next Batman film, The Dark Night Rises.

The internet rumor mill has been hard at work on these two, attempting to cast them within the Batman universe--and apparently failing spectacularly. Gordon-Levitt is set to play John Blake, a special duty beat cop, while Cotillard has been cast as Wayne enterprises board member Miranda Tate. Neither character is particularly iconic in the Batman mythos, which is probably why the Nolan fan base didn't see them coming. 

All-3-D Movies Soon? I Hope Not

According to James Cameron, a man brimming with his own pretentious BS, the world will know nothing but 3-D movies within the next five years. Nostradamus also says that we won’t need 3-D glasses anymore, and is working with his Cameron-Pace Group to help promote this technology into coming to life.

It’s nice to see a celebrity using his money for something so important.

Honestly, is 3-D something we need to be focusing time and energy on? I’m not even sure it’s something that’s good for anybody. As desensitized as media already makes us about everything from war to poverty to sex, putting it all in 3-D probably isn’t going to help much. And as much as we’ve come to expect constant entertainment and gratification, putting it all in the third dimension is probably going to make us even more whiny, expectant, and ungrateful for the technology we possess.

Whores, Crazy Bitches, & Aliens: 100 Greatest Female Characters

Total Film’s recent post about the “100 Greatest Female Characters” has already been adequately torn apart by Bitch Flicks, and rightly so; the thing is an abomination, with few non-white actresses, a bunch of non-human characters, and a whole lot of nakedness. Do I think that, say, Annie Wilkes and Catwoman are awesome characters? You bet I do. But that doesn’t mean that psychopaths and sexpots are the end-all of the female character—though that is what lists like this lead us to believe. And a whopping 7% aren’t even human, further dehumanizing women and the “best” roles they play.