February 2010

Action Stars and Silly Movies


Ever noticed that the beefed up action stars have done some really weird movies in their time? And I don't mean the kapow-swish-swash fighting stuff. Oh no, not in the way Steven Seagal stayed true to his calling while exploring other genres (a debacle aka Against the Dark). I refer to those horrid acting roles that these fighting folk take on. Maybe it is an attempt to stop being typecast. Maybe it is brave attempt to explore their acting talents. I'm sorry, I couldn't say that with a straight face. So, whilst I get over that last thought, enjoy this list of funky movie roles: 

Language Barrier in Stargate

Stargate SG-1, a show about traveling to other planets via a Gate, has been criticized by many fans for the way it handled the language barrier. In their view, the show took the easy way out on this matter by creating a vast number of alien races that, rather conveniently, spoke English. Thus, unlike Star Trek which had a linguist and a universal translator and, in most cases, an indignant-looking Worf, SG teams never really fretted about such details. Or so they say. How true is this argument?

Admittedly, Star Trek took more effort to cover the language aspect of an alien species almost as much as they stressed about their cultural aspects. As an example, think of the time the dear delectable Picard (yes, I am a fan, how did you know?) struggled to learn the Tamarian language in season 5.

Weird Movie Deaths


I read somewhere that Equilibrium's John Preston had the highest kills for one character. Well, it's certainly not true anymore … right? I don't think anyone has tallied up the numbers from each and every movie out there but many sites are trying. Well, while trying to find out if the delightful Cleric did hold the title to most kills, I came across these weird facts:

Stargate Atlantis: Familiar Faces

Scifi actors seem to pop up in any other scifi shows, don't they? Not that I am complaining. It's just somewhat weird for folks watching something with you. In such cases, you are likely to slap your forehead and exclaim 'Of course, that's Trip!' For anyone else who loves spotting these details (strangely enough the aforementioned friends of mine were not so appreciative of such interruptions), here are a few from Stargate Atlantis: