January 2010

Cheesy Series about Superheroes

I recently checked up on old favorites from my kiddy days. You know, Spiderman, Highlander series, not to mention the Gummi Be… Anyway, point is, it was a trip down memory lane that brought up some fun classics from the past. Some of these shows are laughably funny now while others still look pretty awesome. How bad did it get in the good old days? Have we learnt since then?

A Look Back at Dignified Vampires


I know everyone blames Twilight for the annoying sparky makeover that vampires have received. Alright, so to a large extent they are right. But, Twilight indicates a general trend in the depiction of vampires which can be seen from the strangely emo vampires from True Blood. Generally, it is a conscious effort in creating a new vampire, one that is a far cry from the fang boys we old foggies loved and adored. Let's go through the various vampires and how changed over time, shall we?