December 2009

Weird Rumors about Horror Flicks

Photo Source: Captain Howdy

Recently I watched the horror classic, Amityville. It was purported to be one of the scariest movies ever made. Well, it was a rather well done flick, I'll give you that. But then part of the argument would have us believe that this was based on a true story. Hang on a minute, that's stretching it a bit, especially since I have actually seen the flick.

I don't want to dwell on all the details about Amityville and why I scoff when folks bring up the 'real life haunting' angle. The wiki page covers it rather well and google search brings up the numerous controversies surrounding the flick/story. For starters, folks who moved into the house later on didn't experience any X-Files style activity. Some of the events mentioned have been contested by many. At the very least, some folks involved have changed their version of the story a few times.

The thing about opening themes ...

... is that it has to fit the feel of the show!


Do you ever wonder what goes through a TV show creator's head when they pick the opening themes? Well, I do, especially when I am watching science fiction shows on TV. Admittedly, some of them have fantastic intros that do justice to the overall concept of the show. And then you have the epic failures. Like Star Trek: Enterprise.