November 2009

Urban Legends about Movie


Somehow of the other, I spent a considerable amount of time today going through urban legends about the movie industry (actors, movies, controversies, you name it). Who'd have thought there would be so much weird and wonderful information out there? Well, here's some of the stranger bits:

The Typical Action Man

I've got nothing against action movies; in fact, some of my favorite movies are fast-paced action flicks (Matrix, LoTR, Pitch Black come to mind). But you know what I find annoying about most movies in this genre? Irrespective of whether it is well-directed or offers a brilliant storyline, it almost always the same type of character as the male lead. You know, the gun-slinging, swearing-when-not-silent man who saves the day? Admittedly, not all flicks opt for this but a large percentage of them are certainly guilty of using this mold. You know what I'm talking about. Check out this list:

Rocky Horror Picture Show Trivia

When I came across the funky “So Bad It's Worse” comic, I thought, 'Hang on, surely Rocky Horror Picture Show' doesn't fall into that particular category? I mean the one depicted in the comic? I suppose folks will differ on that subject; I'm in the 'movie is pure brilliance' school of thought. Anyway, this made me troll a lot of sites looking for RHPS trivia and I figured I might as well share some of info I found.