October 2009

Comics Based on Movies and TV Shows

A lot of recent movie adaptations have revolved around popular comics. You know, take a beloved idea/theme and dilute it for the big screen debut. Well, to be fair, a few of them do justice to the original concept – and byt that I mean you, Mr Bat Ears. Anyway, I decided to turn it the other way around; I wanted to find out how many movies resulted in the creation of a comic book/series. Check out my list below.

Worf as Weasel and other tidbits

I discovered two fun facts this weekend; two noteworthy actors, Micheal Dorn and Christian Bale, did a bit of voice acting for popular animated movies/series. In these cases, they were projects which were unexpected moves by both actors. It was not because the projects were bad or anything along those lines; rather, think of it as a fun surprise to see them involved in the movies/series. So, to complete this list, I looked around to find famous actors and their little known voice acting ventures.