August 2009

Star Trek-Stargate Crossover

Have you ever wondered how often folks from one sci-fi show crossover to another one? I know people have written a number of fan fiction to this effect. But what about the actual instances – were there any similarities? Take Star Trek: The Next Generation, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Can I find any actors from the earlier show popping up for a Chevron Five lockdown?

Greg the Bunny: Warren is back!

There was a bit of news about puppets and stuffed animals in June - Warren the Ape is coming to a telly near you! First there was robot-human relations and now there is puppet-human matters. More and more Fox cancelations are getting the thumbs-up? Do we dare hope for a Firefly revival? Back to the topic at hand. The show in question is a spin-off of Greg the Bunny and is going to follow a reality TV format. It seems like a good day to mention Greg the Bunny, isn't it?