July 2009

Fun facts about Futurama

Remember Matt Groening's other masterpiece, Futurama? Looks like it is all set to make a comeback. Ask any die-hard Futurama fan – Fox has swiped away the dust bunnies and brought the show out of the vault. So far they've ordered 26 brand new episodes and, if all goes according to plans, it will air in 2010.

This makes it a good day for Futurama trivia, doesn't it? Before I tackle the trivia facts, I will add a short synopsis about the show. It is an animated series about a pizza delivery guy, Philip J. Fry, who ends up in a viral chamber, becomes frozen and then is thawed out in the future. And yes, the future is freakishly scary (creepy crawly aliens and what not) ... and yet, not that different from his time. And what do you know, he ends up as delivery boy – to one of his descendants no less – and makes new friends in the form of one-eyed space captain, Turanga Leela, money-nabbing robot called Bender and Dr Zoidberg, an alien who is basically a walking talking crustacean. Together, they make sure important packages reach their destination. Think of it as a dysfunctional Enterprise during tough financial times.

Movie Mistakes in Push

As much as Knowing and Push were marketed together, I found the differences between the two to be pretty surprising—especially in the fact that Knowing started awesomely and got worse throughout the movie while Push sort of did a here-and-there impressive scene followed by more nothingness.

Neither one really delivered on their premises, though I’d recommend Push before Knowing, which sort of gave me some post-Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull blues, though to a much lesser degree.

During the film, I thought I had noticed a few discrepancies and thought I’d look them up. It turns out that there were a handful of such errors in the movie.

Angelina Jolie: Great actress or well marketed?

Angelina Jolie is best known for her role as… adoptive mother and homewrecker for stealing Jen Aniston’s man, Brad Pitt. But let’s take a look at the career of the tabloid favorite. She has an Oscar for her role in The Changeling, a film about a woman in 1920s Los Angeles whose child is kidnapped. LAPD, in all their grace and tact, give her a replacement kid counting on her grief to fool her. Needless to say she spends the movie trembling, screaming and rocking back and forth.

More Trivia about Stargate SG-1

Last time, I talked a little bit about the original Stargate series, specifically focusing on the SG-1 team. This week, I thought I would find out a bit more about the newer SG-1 members as well as the two renowned commanders of the base.

Don S Davis

Remember him? Gen. Hammond? He was a fantastic leader in the Stargate SG-1 series. When he was there, you knew the evil plotting NID couldn't get their grubby nubbies on SG-1 papers/technology/crew. Well, what did I find out about Don S Davis, the man behind this lovable general.

- Did you know he was a stunt double for a character in one of the MacGyver episodes? Alright, so he also played a cameo as a truck driver but it is interesting to know that actors from SG-1 had a kind of linked past.

Bela Lugosi: The man behind the myth







Photo Source: Wikipedia

If you are a fan of old horror movies, you must be familiar with the legendary Bela Lugosi. You know, the man who gave us chills and thrills as Count Dracula. I must admit, all other portrayals of the fanged count come across as rather mellow and soft once you have caught a glimpse of Lugosi's evil creepiness. Well, this is going to be a list of interesting facts about Lugosi. Here goes: