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Weird Movie Deaths


I read somewhere that Equilibrium's John Preston had the highest kills for one character. Well, it's certainly not true anymore … right? I don't think anyone has tallied up the numbers from each and every movie out there but many sites are trying. Well, while trying to find out if the delightful Cleric did hold the title to most kills, I came across these weird facts:

The delectable Preston (gushing much?) might not hold the grand title but he did snuff out a whole lot of lives in that movie. Well, those Clerics weren't exactly nice guys, were they? According to Movie Body Counts, a total of 118 people were killed by Mr Preston.

Another site, Movie Deaths, had a list of actors who have died most in a movie. I suppose folks love the prospect of seeing their horrid mug shot on screen anymore? I am basing that on the fact that John Travalto leads the way with 6 deaths. Of course my theory doesn't quite hold water if you notice that Sean Bean had 5 deaths. Not good old Boromir?

Incidentally, surely Michael Shanks' character in the Stargate series holds the record for most deaths in one show? Right? Right? Can you name one season in which the guy wasn't killed off, either by a wobbly sea monster or by the Ancients? You'd think there was some sort of conspiracy to get the poor guy off the show. By the way, I also noticed that the military base in the show stopped having grand funerals for the guy. Well, I guess they sort of expected him to pop back after a week or so and thus, no one took his deaths seriously. At least they shouldn't have. Not even when he pulled that ascension tactic. Especially not when he ascended!

There is apparently a demand for Funniest Movie Deaths. That's how I came across this one. That shark, in the first clip, must have really bad indigestion; did it really wolf down a jet ski? The second one should be lamest death ever. By the way, if you don't want to see a man gouge his eyes out on a grappling hook and then be carried off by a forklift sort of devise …. don't view the clip after that one. Trash can duel at 2:18 looks like an everyday event from Wisteria Lane.

And then there is this. This has to be the weirdest movie death yet. There actually was a movie called Teeth? Where the nether regions had a fine set of molars and whatnot? And you thought Japanese tentacle movies were bad … or so I've been told. I thought folks were joking when they mentioned a movie about a woman with a toothed-vagina. Erm, and this won a bunch of awards? Seriously? I just watched the trailer and it looks like a typical cheesy horror to me. I wonder if folks behind the movie thought this viewpoint (aargh, no jokes please) was meant to empower women. Seems like a weird Dark Ages take on how a woman's genitalia is her own worst enemy.