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No American Superheroes?

Hold On To The Tights? Tight?

The sad news was announced in the last days of January, in the dead of what has been a very nasty winter, that Hollywood has done another of its dastardly deeds, has dissed every American on the planet, by casting a Brit in the role of America's greatest comic hero.

British actor, Henry Cavill, who's been tapped to play Superman. Shame on Hollywood.

Would any anyone dare to cast as James Bond an actor who is anything other than British? Can one imagine the outrage that would erupt in Britain? In Britain? Not just in Britain? All of the Commonwealth countries would be up in arms at the slight given to Mother-Sister England. It is understood that only a British actor can play James Bond. James Bond labors hard for Queen and country.

Superman is for truth, justice and the American way? Ooops! Hollywood a while back dropped the part  about the American way.

And yes, Christian Charles Philip Bale is an English actor. He plays a solid Batman. But Batman is not Superman.

I was not going to comment on any of this, until some jackass of a casting director said that American actors are too soft, look too weak, aren't tough enough to play American super heroes. This gentleman suggested that American men are too much like wimps to play superheroes? He worked as the casting director for the Batman movies, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. His name is John Papsidera.

From NY Mag --"The ugly truth is that American leading men just aren't terribly manly anymore, says John Papsidera, the casting director on both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

'You look at the list of American leading men, and in their twenties and thirties, they're very boylike'" he says, adding, 'Take Jesse Eisenberg: I put him in Zombieland, but he's not going to play Superman. He's much closer to what Dustin Hoffman turned into than John Wayne or Steve McQueen. It's hard to find movie stars that live up to the needs of the story. Leo [DiCaprio] is growing into it, but for a long time, he seemed young and boylike. Inception was the first time Leo seemed to have fully grown into a man. You need to find guys who carry that heroic-ness with them.'

My response to that casting director: Nonsense. My response to Hollywood inability to cast an  American as Superman? Well ... Holy Nuts!