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Action Stars and Silly Movies


Ever noticed that the beefed up action stars have done some really weird movies in their time? And I don't mean the kapow-swish-swash fighting stuff. Oh no, not in the way Steven Seagal stayed true to his calling while exploring other genres (a debacle aka Against the Dark). I refer to those horrid acting roles that these fighting folk take on. Maybe it is an attempt to stop being typecast. Maybe it is brave attempt to explore their acting talents. I'm sorry, I couldn't say that with a straight face. So, whilst I get over that last thought, enjoy this list of funky movie roles: 

Arnold Schwarzenegger

He's walked around looking like a ticked off Barbarian. He's kicked butt in a lot of science fiction movies as the super awesome good guy. He's wrestled with an invisible predator in a jungle. Oh and he's the cyborg in Terminator. You can only go up from here on. 

Or so you thought. For some bizarre reason, Arnie explores his gentler side. As a Kindergarten Cop. It was not funny and it was not cute. It was downright painful. Oh and you know what else was painful? Playing the brawny yet Duoh brother in Twins. To be fair, these two were before his Hasta la Vista moment. And Twins certainly had its funny moment. But it still doesn't explain why he signed up, after becoming a big name, in Junior (where he gets pregnant) and Jingle All the Way!

Sylvester Stallone

Let's face it, the man didn't really need to prove anything. He was Rambo. Don't make an enemy of him, everyone would say. At least everyone who grew up in the Rambo era. Let's not forget he was also Rocky, that iron-willed boxer who just wouldn't give up. And he wasn't too bad in Specialist either, much as the movie was a bit too cliché.

So what has he done to disgrace his good fighter name? How about a that weirdly Freudian flick called Stop or My Mom Will Shoot? Brings back painful memories, doesn't it? The idea itself might have worked better with someone like Bruce Willis but it certainly didn't suit Stallone. Nah, he was better off looking tormented and angry. Preferably in a jungle. Tango and Cash was equally bad. It had that good cop/bad cop rapport going on. Except it didn't do that so well. What can you expect given that the two action-orientated actors in the flick were expected to be funny and emotional throughout the flick. Oh boy. I will give him this, he was quite charming in Oscar. He plays a gangster who is trying to give up a life of crime. Not too bad, you say? Er, did I mention that he occasionally bursts into song in this flick?

Vin Diesel

This guy got two really good breaks – Pitch Black and XXX. Both required him to play an over-confident hero type, one who was not afraid of anything or anyone. He worked best in movies where he simply sat there looking broody until someone required him to kill something. Come to think of it, that stands true for the other two actors as well. In fact, Arnold had minimal dialog in the later half of the Predator movie ….

Well what kind of weird roles did Disesel accept? Not too many thankfully. But the one flick that he did pick will probably haunt him forever. You know what I am talking about, the ill-fated Pacifier. Ye, it's about an action guy taking care of kids. Hilarity ensues …. or not. Looks like he is fighting to get back into the genre though. The action genre, not the family movie genre. Or whatever genre that horrid movie falls into. Did you hear that Fast and Furious will have another sequel? Erm, not quite the way to go, if you ask me.

Whoa, just spotted something on Wiki. Vin Diesel plays D&D? And has been for 20 years? Instant geek cred, that one. He could venture into fantasy flicks, play a warrior in one of those movies. Or an Orc in the Warcraft movie.