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A lot of folks hate this movie and yet, even more folks are crazy about it. I'm talking about Equilibrium, the modern take on the creepy totalitarian world depicted in Orwell's '1984'. I recently rewatched it and, following a discussion with no-so-big-EQ-fans, decided to dedicate one article to this cult classic. Take that, oh ye who make fun of Gun Kata!

Here are a fun fun facts I gathered up from around the internet:

Apparently, Christian Bale was the one director Kurt Wimmer always wanted as John Preston. And some bigwig somewhere actually wanted him to cast Vin Diesel instead. This might have been in the period when Bale was unsure if he could make it. I like Diesel in some flicks but a fine Cleric he does not make! As for the good buddy who was stabbed in the back - or rather, shot in the face while holding up a book – Sean Bean was hired as the perfect fit after the casting folk had trudged through hundreds of other Partridge-wannabes.

I know I shouldn't be rooting for the Clerics but let's face it, their uniforms had a White Zombie-meets-angry-goth look to it. According to Equilibrium Fans site, The Cleric coats are apparently based on US deacon's outfits from the olden days. As for that fancy little number worn by Bale when he goes on a killing spree (one that involved Dupont), it is inspired by Bruce Lee's garb from 'Chinese Connection'. Incidentally, Preston's fancy black outfit is a variation of the same outfit.

Huh, I didn't see this coming. Apparently Preston's wife was played by two different women. They hired one actress called Alexa Summer and shot the disturbing cremation scene with her. Then, when they looked for her later on, the lady was nowhere to be found. Thus, Maria Pia Calzone was nabbed for rest of the role. I wonder why they simply didn't reshoot that sentencing scene with her? Budget reasons?

I found this little fact rather funny. Remember that rather disturbing scene where a bunch of dogs were shot to death? Apparently, all those whine-moan-arf-arf noises were done by a rather talented voice actor (well, what else would you call his specialty? I'm curious).

There are quite a few interesting folks making cameos in this movie. Perhaps the most famous face, given the recent trends, is the sneak peek at Prison Break's Dominic Purcell. Director Kurt Wimmer also does his little bit, popping up for two different scenes. William Fichtner is another well-known face now. Alright, so most folks know him from Prison Break as well but, there are some like me, who still think of him as Sheriff Underlay!

I didn't know this but I love the reference now! The banned material in EQ is rated as EC-10 aka 'emotional content' and this is an indirect jab at the MPAA ratings. Seems like the director is making a point about the world, or at least his current world, turning into a nanny state where those in power treats its grown-up citizens like children. Well said! I'm constantly annoyed by the 'vulnerable adults might be swayed so we need to protect them from themselves' argument.



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