Funny Facts about Hasselhoff

Funny Facts about Hasselhoff

Nowadays everyone remembers him as the guy who tried to eat a burger off the floor. Yep, I am talking about the Hoff himself. It's sad that such bits of his personal life overshadowed all his other work. Alright, so some of it was quirky whilst other work were noteworthy. So, let's talk about some weird and wonderful facts about David Hasselhoff, shall we?

David Hasselhoff is well-known for saving lives whilst on the beach … at least on his famous Baywatch show. Would you believe that the man actually did save a kid from drowning in the mid-90s? Talk about life imitating art.

I know he is currently more famous for prancing around in the beach in his red swimwear but for a lot of the 80s generation, he represented an entirely different persona. That's right, he was the man with a talking car in Knight Rider. Maybe that is a bit unfair to say that folks won't remember him being Knight Rider. So keep in mind that I am referring to younger generation who have only seen Star Wars 1-3 and probably think that all vampires sparkle. Incidentally, the Hoff only met the guy doing the voice-over for K.I.T.T months after they wrapped up the season.

Ow, this wasn't too flattering. Admittedly it is not a comment about the Hoff himself but rather it was a general idea folks had about model-like actors. Apparently, when bigwigs were playing around with the idea for the show, they kept bringing up how pretty boy actors were bad at doing the actual acting bit. You know, displaying emotion, not being so wooden, etc. So someone jokingly threw in the idea that the main guy should have very limited lines and the car should do most of the talking. A strong silent man and the sidekick to do the dialog bit. Fantastic. So that's how they came up with the concept of a man with the talking car. In all fairness, the Hoff did justice to the show. It could have really fallen apart. Look at shows like Mutant X and the new Knight Rider show.

Now we can't mention David Hasselhoff without talking about his music career. The man's a decent singer and has released a few albums. Unfortunately he didn't make it big in US. He tried a few times but it didn't really happen. In a strange twist of events, folks blame the whole O.J. fiasco on Hoff having a failed launch.

Whilst we are talking about his music career, let me mention one of his famous songs – Looking for Freedom. It's quite a catchy number and reached number one in Germany. I don't know how much truth there is to it, but it is said that he indirectly helped bring down the Berlin Wall through this song. It so happened that the song becoming famous coincided with the time when folks were antsy enough to revolt against the division. In fact, the song itself is a translation of a German song called Auf Der Strasse Nach Suden. And of course the English version mirrored the ideas that were going around at the time. Not to mention Hoff being a mega star in the country. So maybe there was a link to the event … somewhere?

Speaking of Looking for Freedom, his well-meaning fans put up a spoof site. It's about getting the Hoff a top spot on the UK chart. You have to see it to believe.