Bad Movies: Alien Armageddon

Bad Movies: Alien Armageddon

Not Advisable

Over the course of the last few days I rented a few movies to catch up on films I’ve missed. One of the movies was called Alien Armageddon (2011) written and directed by Neil Johnson (no relation). The cast was unknown but the cover sounded decent. I enjoy the occasional Indy flick from time to time so this wasn’t too far out of the venue for me.

My first mistake was in believing the cover description resembled anything close to the movie. Surprisingly, it is suppose to be a sequel to another Indy film called Nephilim (2007) also written and directed by Neil Johnson. Having never seen Nephilim I cannot say whether it was any better or worse than Alien Armageddon; what I can tell you is that Alien Armageddon was awful, slow moving, and missing a lot of information. It was filmed badly; I have thoughts that it could have been a film student’s work trying out all of the new gadgets he just got for his camera. The acting was acceptable considering most of the actors probably hadn’t done much up to this point but I would say that they all need a bit more practice.

In all fairness I could see the potential in the script had the concept been fleshed out a bit more. Maybe the script had been fuller but the film was just poorly edited; I guess we’ll never know. The writer seems to have a vision of his concept but was unable to bring it to fruition.

I would not advise any person to waste their time or money on this particular film. Although, I do wish Mr. Johnson well on his future endeavors; he may turn out be a great storyteller someday.